Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Top 20 summer day trips from Ottawa

Collage of 20 daytrips from Ottawa.

Our family loves day trips. Sometimes we just need to get away and unplug our minds from the city, and it's amazing how even a few hours in a completely different environment is so refreshing. A one-day outing can feel as long and as memorable as a weekend getaway.

Here is our list of mini-vacations for those in the Ottawa area, in order of increasing distance from Parliament Hill. Some of these trips are still on our bucket list, but eventually we want to try them all!

(1) Camp Fortune aerial park with ziplines

  • 24 min from Parliament Hill
  • Address: Gatineau Park, 300 Chemin Dunlop, Chelsea, QC 
  • Admission: prices vary depending on the activity so check the website, but admission to the Children's Park is $22.50/ person
  • Requirements: rather than a minimum age, Camp Fortune has minimum reach requirements. Check the details here.

You don't have to go far to enjoy something out of the ordinary. At Camp Fortune, your kids can enjoy a 1-hour journey on mini zip lines, monkey bridges, suspended walkways and suspended stirrups in a Children's Park built specially for the younger set. There are also refreshments sold directly on-site.

Things to bring:

Insect repellent. This place is in the middle of a deciduous forest and Lyme disease is now a threat in our area, so check out these guidelines on tick safety in the Capital region.

(2) Wakefield covered bridge and Fairbairn House Heritage Centre, with a stopover at the Mackenzie King Estate

Mackenzie King Estate:
  • 25 min from Parliament Hill
  • Address: MacKenzie King Rd, Chelsea, QC 
  • Hours: Open weekdays from June 14, 9 am - 5 pm (closed on Tuesdays) and weekends 9 am - 6 pm.
  • Admission: free, but parking is $12.
Fairbairn House:
  • 29 min from Parliament Hill
  • Address: 45 Wakefield Heights, Wakefield, QC
  • Hours: After June 22, open daily 9 am - 5 pm.
  • Admission: free
For a low-key getaway that will really channel your zen, try a leisurely drive through the pretty Gatineau Hills and make your first stop the Mackenzie King Estate, the historic estate of Canada's former Prime Minister. Kids will enjoy roaming the manicured grounds and beautiful gardens of the Estate. Enjoy a picnic lunch outdoors and explore the picturesque old ruins that are often used as a backdrop for wedding photos. The Estate also offers high tea with dainty sandwiches and a selection of scones and little desserts.

Next, head over to Wakefield, a scenic village in the Gatineau Hills. The heritage steam train no longer runs through the town, but you can still see the hand-operated wooden turntable that used to turn the train around at the end stop.

You can also do a bit of shopping and ramp up your kids for ecological living at Life Without Plastic, 30 Chemin Gendron. Here you can stock up on home and school supplies that will reduce your eco footprint and help our planet. It also encourages the kids and shows them that life without plastic really is possible!

Next, head on to the jewel of Wakefield, the gorgeous red covered bridge. This pedestrian bridge is surely one of the prettiest sights in the Gatineau Hills. To walk across, you might want to park at the Fairbairn House Heritage Centre, which is right across the Gatineau River. The Heritage Centre is a little museum that features exhibits and hosts events about local history, food, and other topics.

Things to bring:

Insect repellent. This place is in the middle of a deciduous forest and Lyme disease is now a threat in our area, so check out these guidelines on tick safety in the Capital region.

(3) Mont Cascades waterpark

  • 30 min from Parliament Hill
  • Address: 448 Chemin du Mont-des-Cascades, Cantley, QC
  • Hours: From June 8th to 28th, 10 am - 5 pm. June 29th to August 18, 10 am - 6 pm. August 19 to Sept. 2, 10 am - 5 pm.
  • Admission: Online day passes cost $19.99 for those who are shorter than 1.32 meters, and $23.99 for those who are taller than 1.32 meters. Buying tickets online is slightly cheaper than buying them on location.
Spend a day in an aquatic playground with a range of water slides and pools among the beautiful scenery of the Gatineau Hills. Need I say more? If I do, consider this: this place is significantly less expensive than the larger and flashier Calypso Water Park in Limoges. You are likely to find it less crowded here and there will be shorter lines.

(4) A visit to Carp and the Diefenbunker Museum

Old hospital room at Diefenbunker Museum
Creepy hospital room with old equipment ath the Diefenbunker Museum

Diefenbunker Museum:
  • 32 min from Parliament Hill
  • Address: 3929 Carp Rd, Carp, ON
  • Hours: From July 1 to Labour Day, open 7 days/ week from 10:30 am - 4:00 pm. The rest of the year has different hours, check website for details.
  • Admission: Adults: $17.50, Students $13, Youth (6-18) $11, Children (0-5) free, Family (2 adults, 5 youth) $48.50, Seniors $16.50. 
  • Note that the Ottawa Public Library offers a Museum Pass that will allow you to enter the Diefenbunker for free.

The Diefenbunker was originally built as an underground shelter that would withstand an atomic bomb, so that the Prime Minister and his staff could stay sheltered here and run the country in the event of a nuclear war. Think of it as a large office building from the 1950s that is buried deep underground. It still contains much of the original furniture and equipment from back then, including a field hospital and a radio room.

The Diefenbunker is the perfect setting for a creepy haunted Halloween, because it is a spooky place at all times. The hallways and rooms have an eerie feel to them, and there is a clammy darkness that lingers around the place even though there are ceiling lights.

It is an interesting place to visit. Small kids might be a bit unsettled by the weird vibes of the place, but older kids will get educational value out of seeing how serious people were during the Cold War about the possibility of nuclear armageddon. Thank goodness we don't live in those times anymore.

The coolest part of the Diefenbunker is the giant walk-in safe, which feels like something out of Oceans 11.

Outside the Diefenbunker, there is also the lovely village of Carp. It is a cute town to stroll through. Consider indulging in some delicious ice cream at the Carp Custom Creamery, 3763 Carp Rd, and get some organic local produce at the Carp Farmers' Market (Saturdays 8 am to 1 pm) at the Carp Fair Grounds.

Right across from the Diefenbunker you will find the Carp branch of the Ottawa Public Library. This is a godsend for parents with little kids. This branch has a wonderful and extensive children's section, lovely bathrooms, free wifi, and super nice picnic grounds outside. If you are lucky, you can pick up the Museum Pass at the library right before you enter the Diefenbunker, and make your visit there free.

Things to bring:

Warm clothing. The temperature inside the Diefenbunker is rather cool, so if you are dressed for a hot summer day, you are likely to get chills as you walk around.

(5) Arbraska Lafl├Ęche outdoor adventure sports centre

  • 34 min from Parliament Hill
  • Address: 255 route Principale, Val-des-Monts, QC
  • Admission: Fees vary based on the activity, check website. Note that you may have to reserve in advance.
  • Requirements: Note that the Centre requires participating children to be at least 5 years old, and some activities require participants to be at least 5 feet tall. Personally, I would suggest that this place is for kids aged 12 and up.
Venture into the beautiful Quebec wilderness and dare to explore it in the treetops. You can also zipline it across a large lake, giving you flashbacks of Dora and Diego. Adventurous tweens, teens and adults will love this place, and the whole family may enjoy embarking on a 1-hour Cave Discovery Tour or the more intense 2-hour Cave Explorer Tour of the biggest visited cave in the Canadian Shield.

Things to bring:

Insect repellent. Tics live in trees and this adventure centre is right in the thick of a forest. Remember to check for ticks at the end of the day.

Warm clothing. The temperature inside the Lafl├Ęche Cave is a constant 4 degrees Celsius, so summer clothing is definitely inadequate.

(6) Calypso Theme Water Park

  • 34 min from Parliament Hill
  • Address: 2015 Calypso St, Limoges, ON
  • Hours: June 7th to 27th, 10 am - 5 pm. June 28th to August 18, 10 am - 7 pm. Aug 19 to Sept. 2, 10 am - 5 pm.
  • Admission: In the morning, admission for those over 1.32 meters tall is $49.99, while seniors and children between 1 m and 1.32 m tall pay $39.99. In the afternoon those prices are reduced by $10. With such a high admission cost, you may well consider getting a season pass. You will also be paying $10 for parking.
The aquatic Disneyworld-equivalent in the Ottawa region, this place has it all. You will find the biggest and scariest slides, raft rides, river tube rides, wave pools, giant aquatic play structures and other fun activities. This place is very popular and you will often find long lines, but many families absolutely love Calypso.

(7) Saunders Farm

  • 36 min from Parliament Hill
  • Address: 7893 Bleeks Road, Munster, ON
  • Hours: June 28 to Sept 1, open Wednesday to Sunday, 10 am - 5 pm. Closed Monday and Tuesday. 
  • Admission: One price for all: $17.99 per person for one day admission. Children 0-2 are free. Season pass is $66.67 per person.
You can easily spend a day at Saunders Farm, a big place with many attractions. Our kids absolutely love the large interconnected treehouse play structures, the giant boucy pillows, and the 40' Witch Mountain Slide. 

Oh, and then there are the mazes! These are what Saunders Farm is famous for: the farm has 10 giant walk-through labrynths, mostly made of cedars. They are challenging and fun. There is also a pedal cart race track for the older kids, and a nice splash pad that attracts younger kids like honey. 

Meanwhile, tired parents can lounge nearby in brightly coloured Adirondack chairs, and think about what menu items they want to order from the cafeteria or ice cream shoppe. The gift shop also has lots of neat stuff, including local jams and jellies. I still need to restock on the Tequilla Sunrise Jalapeno Jelly that I bought there, it was incredible. 

Things to bring:

Insect repellent.

Water, snacks and picnic lunch.
 These are also available for purchase, but you might want to bring your own. Saunders Farm has a nice area for outdoor eating, with ample picnic benches.

Wagon for the little ones. There is a lot of walking (and for the younger set, a lot of running and jumping) at Saunders Farm, and little feet can sometimes get quite worn out.

(8) St. Albert Cheese Factory

St. Albert Cheese Factory
Watching the magic of how cheese is made at the St. Albert Cheese Factory.

  • 40 min from Parliament Hill
  • Address: 150 St. Paul Street, St. Albert, ON
  • Hours: Open daily: M-W: 9 am - 6 pm, Th-F: 7 am - 8 pm, Sa-Su: 7 am - 6 pm
  • Admission: free

It doesn't get any cheaper than free admission! But seriously, this place is a secret little gem. The St. Albert Cheese Factory is a real working factory that still produces all kinds of cheese every day, including those delicious cheese curds that find their way into grocery stores and onto poutines all over Ottawa.

The best part is that visitors get to view the cheese production in action. The factory has an educational second floor with several giant observation windows that small children can comfortably see through. Down below, they will see giant conveyor belts, vats of cheese curds and whey, and even the automated production line that bags the curds and cheddars into packages. It's fascinating to watch a factory in action.

We really enjoyed our visit to the St. Albert Cheese Factory. It reminded us of one of our favorite YouTube shows, How It Is Made. We were able to watch different aspects of the producton of cheese curds, including the draining of the whey and packaging. Plus, we enjoyed a delicious meal in the Factory's cafe. This was one of the best trips we have taken.

(9) Papanack Zoo

zebras in zoo
So many stripes! Zebras at Papanack Zoo.

  • 40 min from Parliament Hill
  • Address: 150, County Road 19, Wendover, ON
  • Hours: open daily, 10 am - 5 pm
  • Admission: Adults $20, Youth (6-18) $12, Children (2-5) $10, Babies (0-1) free, Seniors $14

You may have heard about the lion that escaped from Papanack Zoo in 2016. It happened in the winter while the zoo was closed, and the lion didn't actually escape the zoo, only his enclosure. Still, the sad ending of the story is that the lion had to be killed. Since then, the zoo has also made headlines for possible animal cruelty under its current owners.

Despite such stories, many families continue to visit the zoo every summer. After all, it has lions and tigers, and monkeys too! Those giant tigers are especially impressive. There are also bears, zebras, kangaroos and many other animals, including some farm regulars like goats and sheep. It also offers pony rides.

For those who are especially brave, there is the Night Safari where you are sure to get goosbumps as you listen to the wolves howl and watch lions feasting by moonlight.

Things to bring:

Insect repellent. This place is in the middle of a deciduous forest and Lyme disease is now a threat in our area, so check out these guidelines on tick safety in the Capital region.

Snacks and picnic. There is a limited range of foods on sale in a small concession stand, but you are welcome to bring your own food as well.

Rubber boots, depending on the weather.

Wagon for the wee ones. Toddlers who have outgrown their strollers may appreciate a wagon ride once their little legs wear out, as this place is very big and the animal enclosures are far apart.

(10) Saunders Country Critters Zoo

Children feeding llama and donkey.
Friendly alpaca and donkey at Saunders Country Critters.

  • 45 min from Parliament Hill
  • Address: North Grenville, ON
  • Hours: open daily, 10 am - 4 pm, until Sept. 2
  • Admission: Adults $12, Children (2-18) $8, Babies (0-2) free, Seniors $8

This cute little zoo sometimes passes under the radar, but it is so worth a visit! It's a wonderful low-key place for little ones who love animals, with an impressive range of wildlife. Aside from the usual farm animals and llamas, they also have kangaroos, porcupines, lemurs, sloths, giant tortoises, and some amazing birds of prey such as bald eagles. Here is a complete list of their animals for 2019. And in case you were wondering, the answer is "no" - this place is not connected to Saunders Farm.

Things to bring:

Insect repellent. This place is in the middle of a deciduous forest and Lyme disease is now a threat in our area, so check out these guidelines on tick safety in the Capital region.

Snacks and picnic.

Rubber boots. The zoo has dirt trails, not sidewalks and depending on the weather, it can get muddy.

(11) Parc Omega

Child feeding wildlife at Parc Omega.
This is what it's all about at Parc Omega.

  • 50 min from Parliament Hill
  • Address: 399 QC-323, Montebello, QC
  • Hours: open daily, 9 am - 7 pm until Sept. 2 (after Labour Day, hours and admission prices change, so check website)
  • Admission: Adults $30.44, Children (6-15) $21.74, Toddlers (2-5) $12.18, Babies (0-1) free, Seniors $27.83

Get ready for a pricy but really enjoyable adventure that brings you up close and personal with large wildlife like deer, moose, reindeer, goats, and even bison. Smaller sections of the park are explored on foot, and there are shows and pony rides to enjoy, but the park is explored mainly by car.

In most areas you are allowed to partially roll down your car windows and feed carrots to the wildlife. It is really thrilling to have big animals come that close to your face, and even to stick their snouts into your car windows.

Things to bring:

Bags of carrots. This is a must! You will need carrots to attact the wildlife to your car window, and feeding them up close is what this is all about. The gift shop sells overpriced bags of carrots, but you are better off bringing an ample supply from home - we usually load up at Costco.

Insect repellent. Parc Omega is in Quebec but the tics there are probably not too different from the ones in Ottawa, so be aware of the risk of Lyme Disease.

Snacks and picnic. There are two restaurants on the premises, but you are still welcome to bring your own food. We usually bring our own, since eating meals at places like Omega can really add up fast.

Rubber boots, depending on the weather. There are no sidewalks here and it can get muddy at times.

(12) Explore beautiful Perth

  • 1 hr from Parliament Hill
Perth has a reputation as a beautiful town with historical architecture. For kids though, maybe the best thing about Perth is actually about 20 minutes southwest: Murphys Point Provincial Park, especially if you can sign up for one of their twice-weekly tours of the early 1900s mica mine (Call the park at 613-267-5060 for specific dates and times, and to register to tour the Silver Queen Mine).

30 minutes east of Perth you can also visit Wheeler Maple Farm, 1001 Highland Line, McDonalds Corners. The farm is open daily 9 am - 3 pm and includes a free museum, a small collection of farm animals, and a restaurant that serves pancakes with maple syrup.

Inside Perth proper, you can catch a game of mini-golf at the Perth Outfitters, 21 Craig St., check out a 19th century mansion at the Perth Museum, 11 Gore St. E. (open daily 10 am - 5 pm), and let the kids blow off steam at the Central Perth Playground, 38 Mill St. Eat your snacks or picnic at scenic Stewart Park, located across the road from the playground.

(13) Upper Canada Village

Child milking a cow
Milking a cow at the Upper Canada Village Medeival Festival

  • 1 hr 10 min from Parliament Hill
  • Address: 13740 County Road 2, Morrisburg, ON
  • Hours: open daily, 9:30 am - 5:00 pm until Sept. 2, then schedule changes (see website)
  • Admission: Adults $22, Student (13-18) $16, Youth (5-12) $13, Children (0-4) free

There is so much going on at Upper Canada Village, it is almost too ambitious for a day trip. Get comfortable with the thought that you won't see and do everything but you'll still get a lot out of your day. The place is a recreated village from the 1800s, and it is a big place. You will do a lot of walking here, but there is also a miniature train that will give you a nice tour.

There are close to 30 houses for you to visit as you make your way through the Village, including the bakery, the dressmaker, the sawmill, the church, and so on. Many houses include helpful and informative staff in period costumes, who may be performing activities related to the houses (such as baking bread at the bakery), or who are simply there to answer your questions.

Depending on when you make the trip, there are also special events like the Medieval Festival. Note that in the Village is also renowned for its Pumpkinferno in the fall and and Alight at Night in the winter.

Things to bring:

Insect repellent. Not so much for ticks as for mosquitoes.

Water bottes. There are several places to buy food, but you will get very thirsty out in the hot sun.

Wagon for the wee ones. The UCV is huge, so expect to do lots of walking.

Comfortable walking shoes. You won't be needing high heels on the dirt paths here.

(14) Prehistoric World

large dinosaur statue in forest
A tall dinosaur waits for visitors at Prehistoric World.

  • 1 hr 10 min from Parliament Hill
  • Address: 5446 Upper Canada Rd., Morrisburg, ON
  • Hours: open daily, 10 am - 4 pm, until Sept. 1
  • Admission: Adults $8, Children (4-15) $4, Babies (0-3) free, Seniors $6

Two Francophone brothers got together to build this fascinating homage to dinosaurs, and they run the place to this day. They personally created each statue using poured concrete, which is apparently quite a difficult and unusual undertaking. The statues are dispersed along pleasant nature trails that are paved and accessible to strollers. Small visitors can easily imagine that they are back in the Jurassic period, as giant dinosaurs peek out unexpectedly among the tall trees and shrubs. Kids will be thrilled that they can freely touch these statues. Located just a 3-minute drive from Upper Canada Village.

Things to bring:

Insect repellent. The dinosaurs are scattered on trails that wind through a lovely thick forest, so remember to check for ticks after your visit.

Snacks and water. There is no place to purchase food or drinks here.

Comfortable walking shoes.

(15) Aquatarium at Tall Ships Landing

Aquatarium water activity station
One of the many hands-on water activity stations at the Aquatarium.

  • 1 hr 15 min from Parliament Hill
  • Address: 6 Broad St, Brockville, ON
  • Hours: open daily, 10 am - 5 pm
  • Admission: Adults $19.99, Youth (13-17) $14.99, Children (4-12) $9.99, Babies (0-3) free, Seniors $14.99, Family Day Pass (2 adults and up to 3 children) $55.95

A perfect one-day adventure from Ottawa, the Aquatarium is a large hands-on activity centre that engages kids with a range of interesting water-based activities. It also features live otters! We've really enjoyed our visits here - check out my earlier post about our trip to the Aquatarium.

Right across the harbour, a short walk from the Aquatarium on Blockhouse Island, there is a lovely little park with a nice play structure. It's a perfect place to eat your snacks or picnic lunch.

Afterwards, you can walk a few steps over to the 1000 Islands & Seaway Cruises, and catch an amazing sightseeing cruise on the St. Lawrence that is sure to give you that summer vacation feeling.

And don't leave Brockville without a walk through the repurposed Railway Tunnel at 1 Water St. The super long tunnel is now a free tourist attraction that features an impressive light and sound show - something the kids are sure to love!

(16) Skywood Eco Adventure

  • 1 hr 20 min from Parliament Hill
  • Address: 1278 Thousand Islands Parkway, Mallorytown, ON
  • Admission: Fees vary based on the activity, check website. Note that you may have to reserve in advance.
  • Minimum age: 9 years old for the more difficult courses and the zipline, 5 years old for the easier Discovery Courses, and 3 years old for the playground of interconnected treehouses.
Skywood advertises that it is "Canada's largest aerial adventure and zip line park". It's a fantastic place that is sure to push you to new heights in every sense of the word. This is where fears are conquered and memories are made.

Things to bring:

Insect repellent. This adventure takes place in the heart of tick country, not to mention mosquitos.

Water, snacks and lunch. There are picnic benches, but there is no place to purchase food or water, so make sure that you bring your own.

Sporty clothing and shoes. Skywood recommends that you wear pants or long shorts, to prevent the harness from rubbing against your skin. Hiking boots are highly recommended.

(17) Bonnechere Caves

Outside the Bonnechere Caves
A walking tour around the Bonnechere Caves

  • 1 hr 20 min from Parliament Hill
  • Address: 1247 Fourth Chute Rd, Eganville, ON
  • Hours: Guided tours daily from 10 am to 4:30 pm until Sept. 2, then schedule changes (see website)
  • Admission: Adults $19, Youth (13-17) $14, Children (4-12) $13, Babies (0-3) free, Seniors $17

Venture underground through narrow passages carved by water and still inhabited by bats in the fall. A fascinating journey with a scientific flavor, teaching kids about the power of water in carving through rock.

The caves are accessible only as part of a guided tour, but tours leave many times a day. There are also a range of special events throughout the summer, including Fossil Hunt days that can be especially fun for budding little geologists.

In the fall, if you dare, you could also come back to the caves to see them filling up with bats, who hibernate there over the winter.

Things to bring:

Warm clothing. Even in the hot summer months, the caves are quite cool inside.

Water, snacks and lunch. There  is no place to purchase food or water.

(18) Rockport Boat Cruise, Boldt Castle and 1000 Islands Tower

Boldt Castle
Passing by Boldt Castle on our 1000 Islands Cruise

Rockport Boat Cruises:
  • 1 hr 40 min from Parliament Hill
  • Address: 20 Front Street, Rockport, ON
  • Prices: Rockport Cruises schedules and prices vary (see website)
  • Hours for Boldt Castle: 10 am to 6 pm
  • Admission for Boldt Castle: Adults: US$10, Children (5-12) US$7, Toddlers (0-4) free
A boat ride in the beautiful Thousand Islands will make you feel like you've been relaxing on vacation for a week instead of a day. There are a number of different cruises available. You can either cruise without stopping, enjoying views of the 1000 Islands and the many mansions along the way, or you can opt for a cruise that takes you to historic Boldt Castle on the American side (you will need a valid passport). The historical castle sits on its own immaculate island and maximizes the wow factor - it doesn't get any better than this.

Before your cruise, enjoy a delicious lunch on the outdoor patio of the Boathouse Country Inn, which overlooks a dock on the St. Lawrence River. The Inn serves giant burgers and fries as well as steak, fish and salads, and has a kids' menu.

1000 Islands Tower:
  • Address: 716 Highway 137, Lansdowne, ON
  • Hours: Open 10 am to 6 pm
  • Admission: Adults $11.95, Children (6-12) $7, Toddlers (0-5) free
Don't leave the area without a stop at the 1000 Islands Tower, located just 10 minutes away from Rockport. An elevator takes you to two observation decks offering incredible views of the Thousand Islands. Unforgettable!

(19) Kingston Penitentiary

  • 2 hr from Parliament Hill
  • Address: 560 King St W, Kingston, ON
  • Hours: May through June, the museum is closed Mondays and Tuesdays and open 9 am - 5 pm Wed-Sun. July through Sept. 1, the museum is closed Mondays and open 8:40 am - 7 pm Tues-Sun.
  • Admission: Adults $35, Youth (5-18) $25, Children (0-4) free

And now for something completely different! This legendary high-security prison, which used to house infamous criminals like Paul Bernardo and Russell Williams, officially closed and became a museum in 2013. Take a 1.5-hour or 2.5-hour guided tour that will convince your kids to never get on the wrong side of the law. Before your trip, click here to read some fascinating facts about this very real, very notorious prison.

(20) Mont Tremblant Gondola and Scenic Lunch

Summit of Mont Tremblant
What a view from the summit of Mont Tremblant!

  • 2 hr from Parliament Hill
  • Address: 1000 Chemin des Voyageurs, Mont-Tremblant, QC
  • Hours: From June 16 to Sept. 2, Sun to Thurs, 9 am - 5 pm, Fri to Sat, 9 am - 6:30 pm
  • Admission:
    • Basic gondola round trip: Adults $19.80, Children (6-12) $15.75, Toddler (3-5) $4.50, Baby (0-2) free
    • Including lunch: Adults $26.10, Children (6-12) $22.05, Toddler (3-5) $9.45, Baby (0-2) free
    • You can save 10% by purchasing tickets 48 hours in advance.

This trip has "holiday" written all over it. Nothing takes your mind off the city like a scenic gondola ride to the summit of a beautiful tall mountain. Enjoy the breathtaking views at the top while eating your lunch at the Grand Manitou cafe, then catch the 45-minute Birds of Prey show (separate cost, twice daily at 12:30 pm and 2:30 pm). Wow!

Once you return to the base of the mountain, there are still many things to do at Mont Tremblant. One of our absolute favorites is the amazing Luge course, where a chairlift takes you up the face of the mountain and then you drive downhill on a long winding track. Unforgettable and super fun!

Before your trip, check out the Mont Tremblant calendar of special events - this place is hopping, and you may well decide that you want to stay longer than just one day.